best drop ceiling tiles for soundproofing

Unveiling the Best Drop Ceiling Tiles for Soundproofing

Whether you’re looking to soundproof your home, a workspace, or a business facility, a soundproof drop ceiling is a valuable investment. These sound-absorbing ceiling tiles can block out loud noises and improve the overall acoustics of the room. 

Moreover, thanks to the aesthetically pleasing designs, you no longer have to compromise on the ceiling’s design. But, with increased awareness came a plethora of manufacturers.

Unveiling the Best Drop Ceiling Tiles for Soundproofing

best drop ceiling tiles for soundproofing

So, we’ve put together this buying guide. From things to consider before buying to a list of the best drop-ceiling tiles for soundproofing, here’s everything you need to know before soundproofing your ceiling.

Benefits of Soundproof Drop Ceiling Tiles

Drop ceiling tiles serve many purposes. Along with hiding the various wires and pipes going along the ceiling, these suspended ceiling tiles can provide a more pleasing finish to the ceiling. When it comes to acoustic/soundproof drop ceiling tiles, style takes the back seat, and sound absorption becomes the primary purpose.

Here are the different benefits of installing drop ceiling tiles:

Reduce Noise and Echo

As mentioned earlier, noise reduction and acoustical improvements are the primary reasons people install acoustic drop ceiling tiles. They absorb and disrupt sound waves, preventing external noises from entering the room and preventing internal noise echoes. This is especially beneficial in noisy spaces like offices, classrooms, restaurants, and home theaters.

Enhance Privacy and Control Sound

Soundproof drop ceiling tiles can block sound from traveling between rooms, improving privacy and reducing noise disturbances. This is much-needed in offices, apartments, and even homes.

Additional Benefits

Certain drop ceiling tiles have features like fire resistance, mold resistance, and moisture absorption. Depending on your space, these features can be a valuable addition. 

Let’s now move towards the buying guide. We’ll start with our list of recommended drop ceiling soundproofing tiles. After that, we have a “things to look for” section that tells you the factors to consider when buying soundproof drop ceiling tiles. 

4 Best Drop Ceiling Tiles For Soundproofing

From recyclable to the best acoustical drop ceiling tiles, the manufacturers recommended below are making the best drop ceiling tiles for soundproofing. Whatever type of noise you want to get rid of, you’ll find a suitable option from one of these manufacturers.

Armstrong Drop Ceiling Tiles

Armstrong is a major player in the ceiling tile game. They offer a wide range of options for residential and commercial spaces. And when it comes to soundproof drop ceiling tiles, Armstrong has some of the best options.

Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tiles are considered the best soundproofing drop ceiling tiles in the market. Other than that, their Cortega and Dune series are budget-friendly options with slightly lower NRC ratings.

The secret to their high-performance sound-blocking ceiling tiles is mineral fiber. All Armstrong tiles are made of mineral fiber that provides all-around soundproofing and is recyclable. 

Soundsulate Acoustical Drop Ceiling Tiles

Even though they have a limited number of products in their drop ceiling tiles lineup, soundsulate makes some of the best sound insulation ceiling tiles. 

Made out of fiberglass and fabric, all of their tiles have an average NRC rating of 0.7 to 0.9. Couple these with Soundsulate’s MLV wall panels, and you can soundproof any space you want. 

The only issue you might have is the thickness. Due to the dual-layered fiberglass and the fabric within, soundsulate’s tiles are 1” thick. You also won’t get too many design options. 

Rockfon Ceiling Tiles

Along with soundproofing, Rockfon is known for its focus on aesthetics and sustainability. They have FOUR different series of drop ceiling tiles for soundproofing and SEVEN purpose-built series for special applications.

Their primary series, which is made out of stone wool, has tiles with NRC ratings as high as 0.9 (Rockfon Tropic). You’ll find multiple options with >0.6 NRC ratings. Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll get great soundproofing and excellent sag and mold resistance.

Ceilume Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

If you’re looking for a stylish and budget-friendly option, Ceilume acoustical ceiling tiles are for you. With 12 color options and a vinyl finish, the design and feel of Ceilume tiles beat all the other bland options.

At first, Ceilume only had an NRC 0.5 series. Naturally, that series wasn’t too effective at soundproofing. However, after their NRC 0.85 series, there is not much to criticize.

Along with the design, Ceilume steals the show with their low prices. Their NRC.50 acoustical tiles and panels start at $4.12 per square foot. The price goes up as you explore different styles, colors, and a higher NRC rating.

Factors To Consider When Buying Soundproof Ceiling Tiles

The soundproofing capabilities of drop ceiling tiles depend on the material used. Moreover, there is the design of the tiles, size, color options, your budget to consider, and some technical stats. 

Here is a detailed overview of all the factors one must consider when shopping for soundproofing tiles for the ceiling.

Type of Noise

Before anything else, consider the type of noise you want to block with the sound-blocking ceiling tiles. Specific types of ceiling tiles will block a specific type of sound. 

For example, to block or reduce airborne noises like conversations, music, and general room noise, acoustic drop ceiling tiles are the best option. To tackle impact noises, you’ll need dense sound-absorbing ceiling tiles.

It’s best to discuss this with your supplier and find the best option for blocking the noise that is disrupting your peace and comfort.


Manufacturers use different types of materials to make soundproof ceiling panels and tiles. Each material is best suited for specific uses. Here is a list of the various materials used to make noise-canceling ceiling tiles.

  • Mineral Fiber Drop Ceiling Tiles
  • Fiberglass Drop Ceiling Tiles
  • Foam Ceiling Panels
  • Acoustical Metal Tiles
  • Composite Ceiling Tiles & Panels

There has been plenty of innovation, but these FIVE materials make the most effective noise-canceling ceiling tiles.


Consider why you want to get drop ceiling soundproofing. That’ll help you decide which tiles or panels to buy.

To soundproof a room, look for dense drop ceiling tiles. The thicker, the better. On the other hand, if you want to block external noises while improving the overall acoustics of a space, go for acoustical tiles that reduce noise, echoes, and reverbs. 

The same goes for style. You no longer have to compromise on appearance to get soundproof ceiling panels and tiles.

Sound Absorption Ratings

While stats like Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings may seem redundant, they are handy pointers.

NRC helps measure the sound-absorbing capabilities of any material. It uses a scale of 0.0 to 1. 0 means the sound waves will reflect off of this material and 1 means the material will absorb all the sound waves that come in contact with the material. Any ceiling tiles with a rating of 0.7 or above are considered good for soundproofing. 


Last but not least is your budget. Soundproof drop ceiling tiles have a varying range of prices, but there are some solid cost-effective solutions available in the market. Make sure to create a budget and stick to it. 


That concludes this buying guide for the best drop ceiling tiles for soundproofing. Now you know the best manufacturers to shop from and all the things to consider before buying. Even if you don’t buy from our recommended manufacturers, make sure you check the things mentioned above to get the best deal. 

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Do drop ceiling tiles reduce noise?

Not all drop ceiling tiles will reduce noise. However, soundproof drop ceiling tiles can effectively reduce the noise coming in and going out of any space. These tiles are specifically structured and made with certain materials that absorb and dampen sound waves. Along with reducing the transmission of noise, drop ceiling tiles can also improve room acoustics.

Do PVC ceiling tiles absorb sound?

If soundproofing is your primary concern, PVC ceiling tiles are not the best option. Unlike mineral fiber and fiberglass, PVC does not have sound absorption properties. While PVC drop ceiling tiles will slightly reduce noise, they won’t make a significant difference. 

What ceiling materials absorb sound?

Here are the materials that best absorb sound when used in drop ceiling tiles:

  • Mineral Fiber.
  • Fiberglass.
  • Foam.
  • Does a false ceiling increase noise?

A false ceiling, also known as a drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, does not increase noise levels. However, if installed incorrectly, a false ceiling can contribute to noise transmission.

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